Lightwave Rural and Agricultural Chaplaincy aims to reach out with God's love to those working on the land and in rural industries.  Our ministry includes a 24-hour help line, supporting agricultural shows, educational chaplaincy at Suffolk Rural and promoting the celebration of agricultural festivals.  In the video below Agricultural Chaplain Graham Miles chats with Sally Gaze about how to share God's love at an agricultural show:

The team members are Graham Miles, Linda Preston and Sue Coles. Together they build relationships and support the farming community.  The team are available on the phone or for visits, especially for members of the rural community suffering with depression, anxiety or just to give a little encouragement. They also help at agricultural shows and events and help local churches and others to understand and connect with rural issues.   

In the first instance, contact Graham Miles

07413 683368

"My role as Rural & Agricultural Chaplain for Suffolk has grown over the last three years. I have been reaching out to farming and rural countryside communities across Suffolk and beyond. People can call me at any time when dealing with depression, loneliness, anxiety or suicidal thoughts. For some farmers it is a challenge to attend church on a Sunday because of farming commitments like feeding livestock, calving, lambing season and the the arable farms with drilling and harvesting. When I contact them either by phone or a farm visit l am taking God's Love to them. I am being church and remembering church is not just a building, it’s a family. It doesn’t matter what faith they follow or what relationship they are in, for me it is being there for them sharing God's Love. My farming and countryside background has helped me understand more about the problems our farmers and rural communities are facing. Many new doors are opening for me and the rural and agricultural chaplaincy team across Suffolk are doing amazing work, giving support where needed.
Remember God’s light shines even in the darkest of places."

Licensed Evangelist, Graham Miles, Agricultural and Rural Chaplain across Suffolk. ​​​​​​​

Resourcing for celebrating agricultural festivals locally

The Lightwave Rural Chaplaincy  works with St Edmundsbury to promote the celebration of agricultural festivals throughout the county.  Below, you can find resources for celebrating agricultural festivals in local churches together with a video of Harvest festival 2022.  You can find more details of our county-wide events such as Plough Sunday, Rogation, Pentecost, Lammas and Harvest here

We are very grateful for the ongoing financial support of the Royal Countryside Fund. 

Find out more about how the Royal Countryside Fund are helping rural communities here.

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