Dear Lightwave Friends

I am writing to you in the context of the proposals the House of Bishops agreed last week to present to General Synod in February concerning same sex-relations, flowing from the six-year Living in Love and Faith process.  If you wish to read the official press release, you can find it HERE.  

Firstly I want to recognise that we have friends and colleagues finding the situation painful for different reasons:  Some will be disappointed that the House of Bishops does not intend to extend Holy Matrimony to same-sex couples at this time.  Others will be concerned that the church is moving further away from orthodox teaching. 

For myself, I have come to believe that while every person is made uniquely in the image of God celibacy and marriage between a man and a woman are the only expressions commended by biblical teaching.  Therefore, I believe that it is wrong for the church to bless same-gender sexual partnerships.  My journey has been with Christians from different perspectives and I have especially been influenced by single Christians both gay and heterosexual.  From them I have learned the importance of loving community so that LGTBIQ+ and celibate heterosexual Christians as well as couples and families are all held in the relationships of a meaningful Christian family.  The same-sex attracted Christians from Living Out have been a big influence on me and if you want to explore their understanding of scripture and experience as gay celibate Christians do have a look at Christian and gay | Living Out.

No matter how far we differ in our views, we can in Lightwave offer such supportive relationships to each other in our small groups.  I also wanted to assure you of my prayers and to say that whatever your views and experience, my door is always open to listen especially if you have concerns.

With love and prayers


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