Rogation means “asking”. Traditionally it is a season for asking God’s blessing on crops and animals. In the 17th century, there also was a custom of “beating the bounds” at rogationtide. This served a practical purpose. In days before Ordnance Survey maps, there were not always clear lines of demarcation between the parishes, especially where there were open field systems. During the procession, boys were bumped on prominent marks and boundary stones, or rolled in briars and ditches, or thrown in the pond to ensure they never forgot the boundaries. The Victorians made it more civilised by beating objects rather than people, in the context of a service and procession.

In Lightwave celebrations of rogation, we won’t be doing any beating.  However, we do like to partner with farms, a local rural church and the cathedral for a walk through the countryside. On the way we’ll pause to bless crops, countryside and livestock and maybe even end with a picnic. 

In 2023, we hope to have an event in Barrow on 14th May... watch this space for more information.  In the meantime, have a look at our livestream, made for lockdown in 2021 at Shimpling Park Farm. 

More details about this year's Rogation Event will be updated on our events webpage HERE

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