This page contains a variety of resources for Hubs and Groups to use to help people give to Lightwave. 

This includes leaflets for each Hub. The coloured leaflets are stuiable for professional printing, the white leaflets have a white background which are probably better for printing on a home printer. 

There is also a Ways you can help and get involved in Lightwave which explains exactly that, including a link to our general giving page

The Stewardship Guide for Hub and Group Leaders ​​​​​​​is designed to use to help them thinking about giving and stewardship and contains useful principles and links to other resources. It also contains QR codes for each Hub to take them to the ChurchSuite giving page for that Hub. These can be used on leaflets for events, or on posters. 

Finally, the resource Lightwave - a guide to giving and gift aid form is available as a customisable WORD document and also a PDF document and can be printed off and given to anyone who want to give regularly to the work of Lightwave

More details on ways to give can be found on our giving page

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