A Lightwave Rural Hub in the Waveney & Blyth area, Suffolk

This rural hub exists to bring LIGHT, LIFE & HOPE to children and young people in the Waveney and Blyth area.  Check out the video below, which shares the vision...

​​​​​​​Bungay and Beyond...

  • has a strong focus on prayer for children, young people and schools in the rural area

  • develops a distinctive approach to connect with children and young people through skateboarding, art, a café and music

  • includes a multigenerational new worshiping community that forms part of the mixed ecology of church in the area 

  • works closely with other churches in the Waveney and Blyth valley providing resource, signposting and mission accompaniment for work with children and young people

  • develops community outreach and partnerships in the wider rural area including schools 




    Prayer points

    • Pray for the right space to use in the rural area
    • Pray for provision for the vision
    • Pray for listening ears and compassionate hearts to respond to what the children and young people need in this area
    • Pray for God to call people to this vision
    • Pray for the doubling of children and young people, as active disciples, in the Church of England by 2030


    We are grateful to have core funding for Edward and Heather until the middle of 2026, but expansion of the work, much of our ongoing operational costs (e.g. renting premises for what we do) and ALL funding from mid 2026 relies entirely on donations and grants. We need to start planning for that now. So we are very grateful for your support.  

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    What are we up to?

    Edward Land
    Leader of the Lightwave Hub "Bungay and Beyond"

    Contact me for information about the Lightwave 'Bungay and Beyond' Hub.

    Heather Land
    Community Choir Director and co-leader of the Bungay and Beyond Hub

    Contact me for information about the Lightwave 'Bungay and Beyond' Hub.

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